Inwood Industries co., Ltd.

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-The only thing more powerful than a big idea is the team that can see it through.-

Every few seconds a big idea is born. And a few seconds later, it disappears. Yet every now and again, somebody makes one of those big ideas happen. What’s their secret? They get help. They get more somebodies. And those somebodies add more ideas to the big idea. Before you know it, that big idea is a great big reality. Inwood supports big ideas and the people who have them. We create teams with our clients and partners that keep your business in a perpetual state of winning.

  • Established in 1972.
  • Started from Photography, Cutting and Sewing Holster/Pouch, Consumer Electronic and Water/Temperature products.
  • Dedicated in Consumer Electronics, Housewares, Kitchenware and Beauty-care products

  • As a bridge for the international partners to achieve mutually cooperation.